We are committed to consolidating the status of the poor and weaker according to their talents, viewpoints & practices.

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Agro Based Livelihood

Agro Based Livelihood

SHDA’s exertion emphases to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those aimed at eliminating hunger and poverty, encouraging economic growth, and promoting accountable consumption and production practices.

SHDA improves the livelihoods for vulnerable groups, particularly small and marginal farmers and women farmers, who make up the majority of the farming community. Scientific packages of practices and climate-resilient strategies can support sustainable livelihoods, which can improve food, income and nutritional security.

Ourfoundation is a vigorous, adaptable livelihood of marginalized communities that can recover from shocks and stresses. The basic pillars of resilient livelihood are diversification of income resources, adaptability, sustainable practices, community support and access to basic resources. SHDA focuses on developing and promoting scientific packages of practices and high yielding varieties of crops introduced and released by by ICAR institutes and state agricultural universities.


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