We are committed to consolidating the status of the poor and weaker according to their talents, viewpoints & practices.

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About us

In 1995, the founder member of the organization, Mr. B.M. Tripathi initiated a campaign at local level to improve livelihood status of small and marginal farmers and women through intensive and integrated approach, under the guidance of agriculture scientists of ICAR Institutes. In 1996 the SHDA was registered as a non-profit organization under the Societies Registration Act, 1960. Since then SHDA has come into view as a well established implementing and resource organization in eastern Uttar Pradesh in northern India on sustainable livelihood models focused on horticultural interventions and adaptation to climate change, gender equity and rights of small and marginal farmers across the districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh state. Presently, SHDA implements several livelihood programmes based on sound eco friendly horticultural interventions for small and marginal farmers, women farmers and the landless. ICAR Institute like Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi and National Research Center for Litchi , Muzaffarpur provides technical assistance to SHDA. Also local university- Narendra Deo University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumarganj, Faizabad plays pivotal role to strengthen the organization, technically.

Who we are

We are an NGO that commences development initiatives for weaker sections of the society in rural India, working hand in hand with the community towards sustainable development. Established in 1996, SHDA has been addressing issues of agro based livelihoods, comforts of small and marginal and women farmers, disability, nutritional security, climate change and migration. We believe in a people-centred approach that inspires participation, awareness and empowerment of the community in all of the activities. Given the realities of climate change and its adverse impacts on the poor, vulnerable and marginalised sections of society, we now actively work towards climate change adaptation and community resilience with special focus on the technologies introduced by ICAR institutes and SAUs. We share our success stories and support the government in adopting such people-led models of development.

What we do

SHDA works on development creativities for a people led sustainable future that is both environment and gender friendly. We also organize training programmes and activities to strengthen capacity building and institutional development for client groups.
SHDA is a voluntary organization working in the field of agro based livelihoods since 1996. We are actively involved in the implementation of several development projects that discourse livelihood issues of small and marginal and women farmers, based on ecological and gender sensitive participatory approach.
Apart from it, SHDA has achieved numerous studies/researches at the micro and macro levels, and successfully conducted a number of capacity building programmes for various stakeholders, including women farmers, civil society groups and government officials.

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